In a few words...

HejDev is an American-owned and operated "dev shop" for manufacturing and maintaining everything from the codebase we have for 3 affiliated companies – Town Web (, HeyGov (, and Tweak Agency ( We are located in Niš, Serbia, in the center of the Electronic Industry complex of ex-Yugoslavia.

Our primary mission is to have a well-factored, neatly written code in order to keep our three companies' clients happy. To achieve our mission, our team of developers is working on cutting-edge web apps that help municipalities and businesses all across the USA.

HejDev team are primarily developers, but we also have colleagues working in Support and as Data Entry clerks, remotely and from our offices.

Our unique corporate culture differs majorly from other bigger companies in the sense that we have a very distributed team across 4 continents, but just one brick-and-mortar office in Niš. We are decentralized and diverse, but share unity, respect, and responsibility to each other. Our people are our biggest resource and we invest the most of all companies in providing for everybody. That is no easy task, but we believe it's the best way to create valuable and long-lasting business relationships.We are a small, but growing company, so if you have any inquiries about employment, products or just want to chat with us, send us an email at